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Experience has shown that many clients express initial concern with legislation and requirements when building a new home. Thankfully, our simplified process has been streamlined to ensure that you get the home you want, just by following these simple steps:

Preliminary Estimate

This is where your vision becomes our vision. Together, we will discuss the design of your new home and determine what is important to you.

Whether a new home buyer, investor or downsizer, we will incorporate your requirements into your new home and bring your design to life.

Fixed Price Quote

Once the final design has been determined, we will provide you with peace of mind early in the process by providing you with a final quotation for the design of your new home.

In addition, we will also undertake soil reports and a contour survey of your new block to ensure your new home suits your site conditions.

Contract Request and Building Agreement

Once you have locked in your colours and design, we will issue the final building agreement package that will include the contract, specifications, colour selection and drawings of your new home.

Colour selection and Landscape Design

From the roof type and colour, to the kitchen tiles, fittings and fixtures, here is your chance to make your house truly a home. Designed to suit every style and personality, we offer a wide range of exclusive colour schemes all created by our in-house interior designers, meaning your choices are only limited by your imagination.

Building Approvals

Upon receipt of your signed contract, we will prepare and submit your plan and associated documents to the relevant authorities for final approval. To ensure that the approval process is a smooth one, we will prepare a comprehensive final document for submission and will notify you of any changes that may be required.

Authority to commence construction

Once the final approvals have been received and all the conditions of the contract have been met, we will place the order with our suppliers and contractors to begin building your new home.


Now the building of your new home is truly underway, and we will keep you regularly updated. However, if you would like to visit the site in person, please remember to contact one of our team who will be pleased to accompany you.


Approximately two weeks prior to the completion of your new home, you will be contacted with the scheduled handover date. We will also undertake a final, thorough inspection of your new home and rectify and minor defects should they arise.

Six month Inspection

Providing additional peace of mind, we will repair or replace any faulty items that are covered in the Maintenance and Service Warranty within the first 6 months of occupation.

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