Your Moving-in Checklist for your New Home

Your Moving-in Checklist for your New Home

Handover day is a big milestone in the building of your new home, but this is not usually your moving-in day. When your home is handed over to you, this is an excellent opportunity to complete your external landscaping, because all the builders will be out of the way.

Handover is also the time when you need to walk through your new home, making sure that any defects have been fixed and making note of any that need to be followed up. At Thompson Sustainable Homes any defects you note at this time, will be fixed within a 2 week window following handover.

The key to a smooth settlement is to provide your builder with a list of any defects and any outstanding issues that you still need to discuss with them, in a very timely manner at handover. This ensures that there is plenty of time for these defects or issues to be resolved before settlement and will help to hasten your moving-in day.

Starting about 2 months prior to your moving date

This is the time to start looking for a removalist and locking in a moving date, ensuring that everything will go smoothly. Make arrangements for disconnecting the electricity, gas and phone at your current place of residence and ensure that all three of these, as well as water, will be available when you move into your new home.

Start sorting through your furniture, household items and belongings, deciding what to keep, what to donate to charity and what can be discarded. Arrange for your postal mail to be redirected to your new address. Lastly, start sorting through your freezer and eating as much frozen food as possible, so you can avoid wastage on your moving day.

Starting about 1 month prior to your moving date

If you want your current residence or new home to be absolutely spotless on moving day, then it is a good idea to arrange for a professional cleaner at both residences. During this time you can start packing and arranging for the carpets in your current residence to be cleaned when you moved out.

The day before you move, make sure that you have packed sufficient food and drinks for the day, that the fridge and freezer are defrosted and that any medications you might need are easy to find. You can also arrange for someone to help out with the children and any pets that you might have, as both young children and pets might appreciate not being involved in the move.

Moving day

Make sure that you know where and when to obtain the keys to your new home and do a final check around your old home to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything. Ensure that you have all of your valuables with you and close all of the windows and lock all doors before you walk away from your old home. Finally, when you arrive at your new home, a big tip is to make up your beds, because the end of this very exciting and monumental day, you will be so happy that your beds are ready and waiting for you.

Settling into your new community

Thompson Sustainable Homes wants you to feel instantly comfortable in your new home and community. To this end, we will provide you with a community directory, local information and important phone numbers, so you feel right at home on the first day.

We will also make sure to invite you and your family to any community events and new residents parties as well.

For more information on our house and land packages, call Thompson Sustainable Homes on 1300 904 040, complete our online enquiry form or drop into our showrooms at 167-171 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba, QLD.

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