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The appeal of triplexes for property investors is the increased returns from maximising the use of the available land – returns that can be realised by constructing three properties to be rented or sold.

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Perth’s local councils and state government are currently looking for ways to increase the density of homes in suburbs across the metropolitan area. This means that opportunities to subdivide blocks into triplex property developments are a smart choice.

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A triplex development requires more in-depth planning than a duplex, granny flat or house behind a house, and may require you to subdivide your land into two or three blocks.


These are some of our previous duplex projects.

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No fuss triplex developments

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As Perth’s most experienced builder for tight and difficult sites, we make the whole building project easier for you, by consulting with building planners and local councils to determine the perfect type of development for your block of land.

A triplex is a perfect investment if you have a large narrow block in one of the older suburbs of Perth, particularly if you are looking to downsize and invest at the same time

If you decide that a triplex is your best strategy, we will provide you with a site-specific assessment and an accurately fixed-price contract, giving you the best value for your money and a stress-free construction period.

Whether or not you decide on a triplex or other type of development, our experienced building consultants are always on hand to answer all of your questions.

In fact, we welcome your questions, because this helps us to design the right type of development for your requirements, based on your goals and risk profile.

Is a Triplex suitable for your block?

Staying within regulations

Generally speaking, if you want to subdivide your block of land your plot needs to be identified as R20 to R40.

As a rough guide, whether or not you can build a triplex on your property depends on many factors.

One of these factors is the size of the block, which is identified using R-Codes.
 The R-Codes tell you how many residences can be built on a 1-hectare block of land (10,000 square metres).

Contact our team and we will help walk you through the process.

if your land is designated R20 to R40, your block has the potential for a duplex or triplex development. Here are a few more R-Codes with the minimum size block requirements to build a duplex in Perth:

R20 = minimum block size of 1350 square metres
R25 = minimum block size of 1050 square metres
R30 = minimum block size of 900 square metres
R40 = minimum block size of 660 square metres

A triplex development is the most preferred type of development for many investors, especially on sites coded R30 and usually, involves building three single or double storey homes around a shared common driveway on the one block.

With the lean towards medium density living in the suburbs, a triplex development is designed to make the most of your existing site (particularly for smaller blocks of land), giving homeowners and investors the opportunity to maximise their investment returns.

For more information on building a triplex development on your land…

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